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Open Laptop

1. Application

Fill out a short application form. The information you provide in the form will be accessible only to RIPCO's team. At this stage of the process, you remain completely anonymous to anyone else. 

Millennial business team meeting in boardroom, talking on video conference call to happy m

2. Short assessment

Once submitted, our professional team will review your form.

We may want to ask you a few questions or get more information before posting online. 

Similing Team

3. You are all set :)

Your post is published*.

For Sellers: Our team may offer to arrange an 'Open House' for you, where you will have the opportunity to meet relevant buyers, recruiters, Investors and tech-scouters. 

*  Online posts do not include any identifying details about you or your company.

Anyone wishing to receive detailed information and contact you will need to identify themselves first and request our team to provide the information. If an 'Open House' is arranged, you will have the opportunity to approve the attendance of each participant in advance.

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